Jeremy Felt

Local WordPress Plugin Repo

This is an information and discussion page for the WordPress plugin, Local WordPress Plugin Repo. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions about the plugin below or download Local WordPress Plugin Repo through the WordPress repository. You can also fork and/or contribute to Local WordPress Plugin Repo on GitHub!

General Overview / Use Case

I wanted a way to automatically pull various bits of data about the plugins I’ve published in the plugin repo so that I can provide an informative spot on the web for each plugin when users come looking for support. Everybody probably has their own way of handling this, and the plugin is very developer centric, but it was fun to publish either way.

Version 0.9 Notes

The first released version, 0.9, does its job, but not much else. Download stats and forum post titles are grabbed automatically twice a day and updated as post meta attached to the custom post type created by the plugin. This data doesn’t display anywhere by default and requires direct modification of template files on the front end in order to display at all. This will always be the case, but I’m hoping to soon add a few easy getters that will aid in displaying the data. If I get really ambitious, it would be nice to provide a default single template for the post type that works with at least Twenty Twelve at a basic level.