Jeremy Felt

Instapaper Liked Article Posts

I’m a big fan of Instapaper and have been for a while. One day I discovered that I could use the Instapaper web interface to edit my saved links and add descriptions or change titles to further curate the stuff I wanted to hang on to. This inspired me to find a way to bring this data in to WordPress on a regular basis as another form of link blogging.

Instapaper Liked Article Posts does this. Once installed on your WordPress site, a task is scheduled to regularly check for new items that you may have saved in your Instapaper liked feed. If anything new is found, it grabs the title, link, and description and creates a new post. By default a new custom post type is created solely for Instapaper items, though you have the ability to save incoming items as standard posts (or anything else) instead. If you do choose to keep the default option, you can manage these separately from your regular posts in a newly created Instapaper section. Sweet!

That’s it in a nutshell. More information can also be found on the download page.