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Joho the Blog » Transparency is the new objectivity

Transparency prospers in a linked medium, for you can literally see the connections between the final draft’s claims and the ideas that informed it. Joho the Blog » Transparency is the new objectivity

Link: Varying Vagrant Vagrants で WP 開発環境を手に入れる

Varying Vagrant Vagrants で WP 開発環境を手に入れる Instructions in Japanese for setting up a localized WordPress development environment in VVV. Cool.

#23907 Scandinavian Ligatures Transcribed Wrong in remove_accents()

#23907 Scandinavian ligatures transcribed wrong in remove_accents() is a good read on Scandinavian letters and ligatures as well as some of the differences between Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finish alphabets.

#7875 Consolidate Plugin/Theme/Core Upgrade/Install Functions

#7875 consolidate plugin/theme/core upgrade/install functions is a great read on the birth of modern WordPress upgrade code that occurred 4.5 years ago in [11005].

Lou Reed on Yeezus

Lou Reed on Yeezus is perfect and a must read if you’re trying to process the new Kanye album. One of the best record reviews I’ve ever read. See also: Lester Bangs on Astral Weeks.

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