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2016 Reflection and Check-in

Every year I write one of these thinking that I’ll look at it throughout the next year as a guide to what I might want to be doing. Every year I write one of these and finally look back at the last one for the first time! Oh well, it’s still fun for me to […]

2015 Reflection and Check-in

2015 went by in a hurry, so much that I missed the usual day of reflection and am starting off 2016 with one instead. 🙂 Some notables. I did better at reading. The challenge of 25 books was too high, but 14 feels good. I’ll read more next year. One of the reasons that I read […]

A productive year, 2014

2014 was a good, productive year. Many, many things happened and many, many things shipped. I’ll take it. Washington State University As 2014 started, things were in full swing at WSU. We launched our first sites on the WSUWP Platform in the middle of February and have continued marching ever since. We’re now at 39 […]

A Very Good Year, 2013 I still have a draft post titled ‘2011, a year for the epic books‘ hanging out, waiting to never be published. That was an amazing year. I don’t have a draft saved for 2012. I’m very good at thinking about all the things I would put in a round up post, but then putting […]

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