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Figuring out how to serve many SSL certificates, part 1.

In the process of figuring out how to configure SSL certificates for hundreds (maybe thousands) of domains in a single nginx configuration without a wildcard certificate, I decided it would be cool to use `server_name` as a variable in the nginx configuration: `ssl_certificate /etc/nginx/ssl/$server_name.crt;` Unfortunately, per this aptly named request on Server Fault—nginx use $server_name on […]

I’m about to create a repository named something like WSUWP-P2-Common that contains all common P2 related plugins and/or themes for use throughout the WSUWP ecosystem. It’s purpose will be more of a built package rather than a development area. Development will still occur in individual repositories. When releases are pushed in those repositories, they can […]

The First Few Things I’ve Learned About CentOS and Salt (In Vagrant)

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work this week in provisioning a development environment using CentOS, Salt, and Vagrant. There are few things I ran into along the way that were interesting enough to remember for a later time. Disappearing Guest Additions By default, Salt calls `yum -y update` during the process of installing […]

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