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How we’re using the WP REST API at Washington State University

As I write this, we have the WP REST API enabled for 1083 sites across 54 networks on our single installation of WordPress at Washington State University.

A Method for Managing Mixed HTTP/HTTPS Sites in Multisite

This is a brief rundown of the method we’re currently using at WSU to manage mixed HTTP/HTTPS configurations in a multi-network WordPress setup. Our assumptions: Sites that are HTTP (HTTPS optional) on the front end should be forced HTTPS in any admin area. Some sites should be forced HTTPS everywhere. This may be because of […]

First thoughts on our new

Today we launched a gorgeous new home page at WSU. For the most part everything went as planned and definitely without catastrophe. We’ll have a full stack write-up at some point soon on with more details (still a few more things to launch), but I’ve had a few thoughts throughout the day that I […]

Deployment Workflows, Part 1: The WSUWP Platform

This post is the first in a series of deployment workflows I use to get code into production. Many of my weekdays are spent working on and around the WSUWP Platform, an open source project created to provide a large, multi-network, WordPress based publishing platform for universities. Conceptually, a few things are being provided. First, […]

Figuring out how to serve many SSL certificates, part 2.

I’ve been pretty happy over the last couple days with our A+ score at SSL Labs. I almost got discouraged this morning when it was discovered that LinkedIn wasn’t able to pull in the data from our HTTPS links properly when sharing articles. Their bot, `LinkedInBot/1.0 (compatible; Mozilla/5.0; Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.1 +`, uses an end of […]

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