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How we’re using the WP REST API at Washington State University

As I write this, we have the WP REST API enabled for 1083 sites across 54 networks on our single installation of WordPress at Washington State University.

A Method for Managing Mixed HTTP/HTTPS Sites in Multisite

This is a brief rundown of the method we’re currently using at WSU to manage mixed HTTP/HTTPS configurations in a multi-network WordPress setup. Our assumptions: Sites that are HTTP (HTTPS optional) on the front end should be forced HTTPS in any admin area. Some sites should be forced HTTPS everywhere. This may be because of […]

First thoughts on our new

Today we launched a gorgeous new home page at WSU. For the most part everything went as planned and definitely without catastrophe. We’ll have a full stack write-up at some point soon on with more details (still a few more things to launch), but I’ve had a few thoughts throughout the day that I […]

Things I like from Richard Stallman’s fantastic article, “Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before”

GNU and the FSF, along with many others, are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the free software movement. To mark that, Richard Stallman has an excellent article over at Wired, “Why Free Software Is More Important Now Than Ever Before“, in which he explains why free software is good for users and some downsides of […]

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