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Great WordPress Meetup showing off 4.2 tonight

Two more months and the Pullman WordPress Meetup will be a year old! This is our 3rd release oriented meetup, so we’ve been around since the old days of 3.9. We timed tonight’s meetup perfectly with the release of WordPress 4.2 RC1 and I was able to show off each of the new features to […]

WordCamp Yes, Vagrant Rocks #wcyvr

This is a companion blog post to my presentation at WordCamp Vancouver on August 17th, 2013. You can download the PDF of the slides or read through the following for the context that is often missing when reading a presentation at a later time. also has a video of the talk posted. Hi WordPress, […]

A WordPress Core Vagrantfile

Vagrant is a very refreshing tool. Once the Vagrantfile and provisioning of a project is setup, new developers can join a project and start developing immediately without worrying much about a local setup. DevOps and sysadmin folks can continue to tweak servers and various configurations, passing those changes on to the development team without interruption. […]

v0.8 of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been pushed

v0.8 of Varying Vagrant Vagrants has been pushed Definitely not as ridiculously long as the v0.7 changelog, but a good month of steady progress. Enable SSH agent forwarding Wrap update/installation procedures with a network status check Enable WP_DEBUG by default Update wp-cli during provisioning Better handling of package status checks Better handling of custom apt […]

On Citizenship in Open-source software development

On Citizenship in Open-source software development I’ll steal the TL;DR from the author: TL;DR: By giving an actual social status to the people contributing to a repository, GitHub would solve the problem of zombie-projects with a scattered community. By allowing these citizens to actually collaborate with each other, instead of just with the owner, repositories […]

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