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Add users from one site to another on multisite by role with WP-CLI

Today I wanted to make sure a bunch of editors from one site existed as editors of a new staging site that we’re building out. Both sites exist as part of the same multisite network. Thanks to WP-CLI and xargs, this is pretty straight forward: wp user list --role=editor --field=user_login | xargs -n1 -I […]

Send and receive email for your domain with Postmark and Amazon’s SES, S3, and Lambda services

A long, long, long time ago, sending email via your website was really horrible. Alongside the static HTML powering your Guestbook, you had some copy/pasted CGI script your ISP somehow allowed you to use that probably didn’t work, but oh crap it started working I hope it doesn’t break now. A long, long time ago, […]

Security. Stored Content. Backward Compatibility.

This was almost a storm of 140 character segments, but I help make software to democratize publishing. I should use it. 😄 The pains people working on WordPress go to in making security, stored content, and backward compatibility all first priorities are amazing. This is what I’ve learned and been inspired by the most since […]

Running PHPUnit on VVV from PHPStorm 9

I spent so much time trying to get this working last November and kept running into brick walls. Today, I finally revisited a comment on that same issue by Rouven Hurling that pointed out two excellent notes from Andrea Ercolino. How to run WordPress tests in VVV using PHPStorm 8 How to run WordPress tests in VVV […]

Flushing rewrite rules in WordPress multisite for fun and profit

Developing plugins and introducing new rewrite rules for features on single site installations of WordPress is pretty straight forward. Via register_activation_hook(), you’re able to setup a task that fires flush_rewrite_rules() and you can safely assume job well done. But for multisite? A series of bad choices awaits. Everything seems normal. The activation hook fires and even […]

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