WCSF 2014 Talk: Public Universities and Open Source Software

The above is my talk about applying the open source ethos to sharing our work as a community in public land grant universities. I posted earlier with the full textual context and slides. You may notice that the talk description is very far off from the actual talk. 🙂 I originally submitted an expansive talk… Continue reading WCSF 2014 Talk: Public Universities and Open Source Software

Hi WordCamp Europe, My Name is Jeremy

Hey fellow WordCamp Europe attendee! A week from tomorrow I’ll be making the long series of flights from Pullman, WA to Amsterdam. From there it’s a short train ride to Leiden, where I’ll spend the next week hanging around, doing some work, enjoying the area, and attending WordCamp Europe. At Washington State University, we’re proud… Continue reading Hi WordCamp Europe, My Name is Jeremy

WordCamp Yes, Vagrant Rocks #wcyvr

This is a companion blog post to my presentation at WordCamp Vancouver on August 17th, 2013. You can download the PDF of the slides or read through the following for the context that is often missing when reading a presentation at a later time. WordPress.tv also has a video of the talk posted. Hi WordPress,… Continue reading WordCamp Yes, Vagrant Rocks #wcyvr

WordCamp Chicago 2013

Download Slides: WordCamp Chicago 2013 – “Hi WordPress, Meet Vagrant” Talk Goals I want each one of you to leave this talk amped up to use Vagrant for WordPress development. I know this sounds crazy because I haven’t even told you what Vagrant is all about yet, but I’m really not going to be satisfied until… Continue reading WordCamp Chicago 2013