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WordCamp Yes, Vagrant Rocks #wcyvr

This is a companion blog post to my presentation at WordCamp Vancouver on August 17th, 2013. You can download the PDF of the slides or read through the following for the context that is often missing when reading a presentation at a later time. also has a video of the talk posted. Hi WordPress, […]

My First WordCamp Talk

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of speaking at WordCamp Vancouver. It was my first time speaking at a WordCamp, and my first time ever really speaking about anything at length. I really, really didn’t want to bomb this, because the idea of talking WordPress and geek in general with a bunch of likeminded […]

Calm and Simple Code With Purpose WordCamp Vancouver 2012

Calm and Simple Code With Purpose – WordCamp Vancouver 2012 The slides for my talk at WordCamp Vancouver are available in PDF via the link above. I’ve put my notes together in a decent enough form below to help provide context for each of the slides as they’re pretty content light. Enjoy!

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