My First Stab At A Trending Topics App – Toppics

The other night I pushed out Toppics, my first little app that plays with Twitter’s Trending Topics. At the moment it grabs the current trending topics from Twitter every several minutes while searching every few minutes for new tweets that mention as well as the topic. Toppics, get it. 🙂 Version 0.0 is very… Continue reading My First Stab At A Trending Topics App – Toppics

TopTwit Update

FYI, this is more of a log for my use. But read if you’re interested. The original TopTwit has pretty much failed for the time being, but that doesn’t mean the idea is dead. Soon I’ll head back into that code and clean it up (a year later). It does still work if you want… Continue reading TopTwit Update

TopTwit.Com Launched

I was slightly bored yesterday and slightly interested when I ran into Alltop was interesting, but it would be great if there was a fully customizable version (at least for Twitter) that let you decide which people you wanted on your page so you could browse their last 5 tweets. Robert Scoble said the… Continue reading TopTwit.Com Launched