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#5367 WordPress Cookie Authentication Vulnerability

#5367 WordPress Cookie Authentication Vulnerability takes us back to when the modern password handling in WordPress was born, partially due to a vulnerability report at the time. More because we were ready for it.  It’s great to read through and watch decisions being made as familiarity grew. In that thread, Matt links to the changeset […]

#23907 Scandinavian Ligatures Transcribed Wrong in remove_accents()

#23907 Scandinavian ligatures transcribed wrong in remove_accents() is a good read on Scandinavian letters and ligatures as well as some of the differences between Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finish alphabets.

#7875 Consolidate Plugin/Theme/Core Upgrade/Install Functions

#7875 consolidate plugin/theme/core upgrade/install functions is a great read on the birth of modern WordPress upgrade code that occurred 4.5 years ago in [11005].

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