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Hints for when I configure OpenVPN and Tunnelblick the next time

I've gone through the process of configuring OpenVPN and Tunnelblick at least twice before and I never seem to get it right on the first or second try. This time I'll document a few of the paint points that I experienced even while following the excellent Digital Ocean guide to configuring OpenVPN on CentOS 6.

For the next time I’m trying to figure out how to update the Java SDK

The only reason I find myself having to update Java is to maintain the Elasticsearch server we have running at WSU. Every time I want to update the provisioning configuration, I end up with 25 tabs open trying to figure out what version is needed and how to get it. This is hopefully a shortcut […]

Varying Vagrant Vagrants

I decided yesterday that I wanted to break up with MAMP. While it (and XAMPP) have served their purpose well over the last year or so that I’ve been using them on a regular basis, they don’t come close to mirroring some of the most common server setups out there today for the development that […]

Are nginx, Batcache and Memcached Working?

So you've done your due diligence and gone to great lengths to make sure that your WordPress server setup is top notch.

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