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Format and Delivery Are Alive And Well (RSS, Twitter, and Newspapers)

Depending on which source you choose, it was a day in September of 1833, possibly this one, that the first newspaper delivery boy responded to an advertisement in the New York Sun: To the Unemployed – – A number of steady men can find employment by vending this paper. A liberal discount is allowed to […]

Publish, Ping, Subscribe Away With My Status Cloud (You Can Change Settings Now)

Lots of new stuff has been added to My Status Cloud since the last time I chatted. I’ve been in a holding pattern the last couple days while I’ve waited for my thoughts to collect on a few other things, but I haven’t had time to do any actual producing yet, so I’ll push this […]

My Status Cloud – Now With OAuth

Some cool things come along with using OAuth authentication for talking with Twitter. First, you get to have your application name show up in the Twitter timeline. Then, you get to associate an image with your application. Oh, and it makes it more secure when passing information back and forth in the cloud. Anyhow, that’s […]

If Users Could Choose How They Publish

I mentioned something briefly the other day that I’ve been rolling in my head a bit ever since. A perfect topic for #blogpostfriday. 🙂 We have a bunch of fun new tech coming out of the web right now. At least two of those things, pubsubhubbub and rssCloud, deal with adding elements to feeds that […]

A Multi-User rssCloud Implementation

Now it gets more interesting. 🙂 Sitting in my chair watching myself type status updates to myself along with Dave’s automatic lifeliner feed that does a wonderful job of showing different state names and times go by is great and all, but playing with some real content would also be nice. So. As of now, […]

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