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ORD Musings

Steph played the part of awesome sister today and gave us a ride to O’Hare. Somebody has to be the one to say the hardest goodbye. 🙂 We had great conversation in the car, she gave great advice at the drop off, and we all had plenty of great hugs. The international terminal is extremely […]


Possessions are a funny thing. Seems like you never have enough until you have too much.

Where Are We Going?

If we’re going to have a travel blog, at least some mention should be made as to where we are headed before we start to arrive. Future posts will more than likely go into more detail, but this is what we know so far. It won’t take long. We leave Chicago today, at 6:45pm local […]

Video Post

Shall We Turn It On?

We’re starting to work on the site, and it’s pretty funny to try and figure out what kind of layout you want to use when there aren’t any posts to work with. So, for that reason specifically, here is a post on the topic of there not being any posts. Shortly we’ll add a few […]

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