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While In Dublin – National Museum Of Ireland – Natural History

The National History Museum in Dublin, April 20, 2011

The Bus To Dungarvan

The owner of Captain Halpin’s Bunkhouse in Wicklow, knowing that we were without a car, looked at us with surprise when she asked where we were headed next and heard Dungarvan. A slight look of disbelief came across her face until I rattled off the bus numbers. “We’ll be on the 2 to Enniscorthy, the […]

Things I Learned In Youghal, Co Cork, Ireland

Youghal is a beautiful town so far with an immense amount of history. Tomorrow we’ll have a chance to explore more, but a few things have already been learned in the last few hours. Youghal is pronounced ‘Yawl’. Or at least according to some flier we saw today. I don’t think it’s as easy a […]

Wicklow Mountains – Hiking Around Laragh

After striking up a conversation with another hostel guest about the ska band (Boc Social) we had all seen at Leitrim Lounge in Wicklow the night before, we quickly found ourselves with a generous offer to ride along with him and his son as they drove to Laragh to do a hike through the hills around the area. We gladly accepted.

Aer Lingus Happiness

It’s only been a couple of years since we flew on Aer Lingus, but it feels totally different. Every other flight had the old style crappy drop down televisions that are spaced out every so many rows. Now, we fly in total style with a monitor on every seat. What used to be a very […]

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