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Hacking on microformats and Gutenberg at IndieWebCamp East Online 2020, day 2

Today is day 2 of IndieWebCamp East Online 2020, a general hack/create day.

Notes on IndieWebCamp East Online 2020, day 1

I woke up at 5am—on a Saturday—to participate in my first IndieWebCamp, IndieWebCamp 2020 East, which also happened to be my first online conference ever. As much as it's fun to joke about getting up so early on a weekend, the schedule worked out really nice. I was able to eat a good breakfast, get the coffee going, and enjoy a full day of tech before the WSU game at 4pm.

Working through displaying Webmentions

Now that this site supports Webmentions, I've been having some fun digging into how I'd like them to be presented.

Now supporting Webmention

I think? If you know how to send a Webmention, please do so that I know it works! 😂

Trying out

Services like should spend more time telling everyone about features like "oh, by the way, we have a dedicated discovery page for posts about pizza". 🍕

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