Tracking Your Heart Rate Via Webcam

I remember being fascinated by the Eulerian Video Magnification work when some of the videos were being spread around, so I was excited to see the Webcam Pulse Detector project pop up on Quantified Self as I was scrolling through some missed feeds this morning.

It didn’t seem too difficult to setup for somebody with some linux familiarity and I set off to make it happen on my laptop.

The entire process took a couple hours. Some of that was due to missteps in installing OpenCV or not using sudo in the right place. The rest was due to the unavoidable—some packages just take a long time to install.

Seeing it finally work is really, really cool. Using my forehead, the app seemed to consistently track my heart rate at around 54-57bpm. At the same time I measured my pulse at my wrist as 60bm. I’ll need to track the consistency over time and with non-resting heart rates as well, but that seems like an acceptable variance so far. Pretty cool stuff.

If you want to give it a go and you’re running OS X 10.8.3 on your machine, I’m embedding a gist with the commands I had to use to make this work along with some comments inline.

There were also plenty of resources that proved invaluable in actually finding the right answers for installing some of these software packages: