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Google Wave – Conversation Doesn’t Have To Be Chess

I’ve been holding my Wave thoughts to myself for the most part barring random tweet or comment here and there, but after reading the Fast Company version, I finally decided to type a brief opinion out. Brief admittedly because Google’s version of the Wave hasn’t launched, and it isn’t open source enough for me to […]

Your profile is not yet eligible to be featured in Google Search.

Hearing that Google Profiles are starting to be included in search results, I head over to my Google Profile page and see a little message: Your profile is not yet eligible to be featured in Google search results. To have your profile featured, add more information about yourself. A link is given for Add more […]

Google Street View Catches a Fire

Check it out, Google Street View actually captured a house fire in Arkansas when it was driving by. Weird.

Google And Yahoo And I’m a Sucker For Good PR

We also think this is good for competition. The truth is, this kind of arrangement is commonplace in many industries, and it doesn’t foreclose robust competition. Toyota sells its hybrid technology to General Motors, even though they are the number one and number two car manufacturers globally. Canon provides laser printer engines for HP, despite […]

Hells Kitchen Meets Google Trends

I was watching the addicting Hell’s Kitchen earlier tonight and sat through the horrible challenge in which they had to teach fake plastic women how to cook. After that segment, Gordon Ramsey gave each of the women there one of these Royal Doulton cookware sets with his face/name on the box. Interesting enough, but I […]

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