More Gordon Ramsey Cookware, This Time a Review

The other day when I posted a link to Gordon Ramsey’s cookware after the whole Hell’s Kitchen/Google Trends incident, I failed to actually read any of the reviews that were located under said cookware. This one in particular means that you have to buy it:

Title: I am become Donkey, Destroyer of filets

Author: sumguy “mjp21” (Ashland, MA USA)

Review: Ever since I wore out my last set of Kitchenaid pots and pans, I’ve been looking for something tough to complement my kitchen. With Gordon Ramsey’s line of cookware, I feel like Gordon is over my shoulder telling me it’s RAW! Sometimes I throw a slice of Wellington at the wall for effect. I swear, every time I flip a burnt piece of salmon I can feel his disdain and disappointment in the handle.

There’s no more questioning whether or not my mother’s risotto recipe is absolutely crap, when it comes out of these pots I can serve dinner knowing full well that I am culinary Pol Pot, and I should have my chef’s knives broken in two.

Well said, sumguy, well said.

I Like Saving Funny Things Until Later

I like saving things until later, when I know that they’re still going to be funny, and I know that I’m going to run out of things to do. I’ve been sitting here all day, browsing FriendFeed and Google Reader, slowly running out of new things to do on the internet. Then, I finally pull the spare content off of the back burner and I run into this:

more funny fail pictures at FAIL Blog

I did the same thing with the cats and the cheeseburgers and the I CAN HAS blah, blah, blah, and it cracked me the hell up for a while. Now I have something new to enjoy while the Vicodin makes me laugh, and I’m happy. I love the Internet, and I love Fail.