A COVID-19 Log 6/n

A neighborhood cat appeared on a ledge while we were were walking by tonight and meowed out to us. I stopped and gave it a pet for a second. As we started walking again I said: “oh, that’s right, cats can get COVID“. So that’s how things are going in week 10000. Of course I’m… Continue reading A COVID-19 Log 6/n

A COVID-19 Log 5/n

“Everyone has lots of ways of feeling. And all of those feelings are fine. It’s what we do with our feelings that matter in this life.” Fred Rogers, as quoted by Jay Inslee in Monday’s press conference. This is the week where things settle in. I’ve conditioned myself to not look at global or local… Continue reading A COVID-19 Log 5/n

A COVID-19 Log 4/n

I forgot to mention last week that I started having my first real coronavirus dreams. In the first, I was talking with a friend in the WordPress community. He had just gotten back from a bakery and was showing off all of the newly purchased goods to a group of us. As he was talking… Continue reading A COVID-19 Log 4/n

A COVID-19 log 3/n

REM’s It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) has been appearing on various charts all of a sudden, along with a handful of other tracks that have new meaning. I’ve learned more about viruses in the last month than I ever expected. There’s a chance we covered this… Continue reading A COVID-19 log 3/n

A COVID-19 log 2/n

Another week. 🥃 I donated blood on Friday morning after reading of a blood shortage in the inland northwest. I’m happy to have been in a position to donate and I’m very happy to have done so in a county yet to have confirmed a case of COVID-19. But. It was pretty stunning how cavalier… Continue reading A COVID-19 log 2/n