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Even More Cloud Enabled Feeds (Your Own)

Dave Winer went full on rock and roll on Friday when he told everybody he was following they now have a cloud enabled feed. I’m not sure if he would use this analogy, but he became somewhat of a FeedBurner to Twitter’s proprietary unchangeable publishing format. A TweetBurner? There is a two part awesomeness to […]

Format and Delivery Are Alive And Well (RSS, Twitter, and Newspapers)

Depending on which source you choose, it was a day in September of 1833, possibly this one, that the first newspaper delivery boy responded to an advertisement in the New York Sun: To the Unemployed – – A number of steady men can find employment by vending this paper. A liberal discount is allowed to […]

Night Noise Excerpt – Everybody Waves Goodbye

I wanted to have some fun with wordle, so I looked up one of the sections from my old nanowrimo entry back in 2005. Next I’ll track down the whole thing to see what it looks like, but I like the way this one turned out. Click on the image to see the bigger version. […]

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