Hillary Will Concede To Obama Tonight (Kind Of)

It looks like Hillary is planning to (somewhat) step out of the race tonight. She’ll concede the Obama will have enough delegates to win the nomination, but may not go so far as to step completely out of the race. You never know when somebody could be assassinated, right?

That combined with the mass of superdelegates that’s planning to endorse Obama over the next day or so will probably lead her to finally bow out completely. We’ll see. The real question is how hard she will push to become the vice president candidate, which IMHO would be a complete mistake for Obama.

Hillary, Journalists, And Whiskey

Some great pictures of Hillary knocking back a glass of whiskey with reporters have been published, leading at least the writer of that article to believe that:

Her relaxed mood may give rise to speculation she is preparing to concede to her Democratic rival Barak Obama.

Props to Hillary for not being afraid to drink in public, and if she really is thinking about dropping out, props to her for that as well.