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An initial Cosmic Crisp apple flavor index

I have now eaten many Cosmic Crisp® apples since their release to the apple buying public at the beginning of December. My Cosmic Crisp Consumption Count (CCCC) is probably around 30 individual apples.

Apple TV, AirPlay and Incorrect Expectations

It’s so hard to figure out ahead of time what is supported by this AirPlay stuff. Or at least it was for me it seems. So here’s what I know for some other lost soul stumbling through the damn wilderness one day. The Apple TV (newest revision as of 01/23/2013) will play audio for music […]

Twitter Is Still Hard – Thoughts On Cross Application Usability

A lot of work is still involved with using Twitter. Example. I was just reading a story on the Ft. Hood shootings in the CNN application on my iPod and saw a line in the middle of the story that said “Twitter list: Keep up with who we’re following“. Now, this is a strike against […]

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