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Send and receive email for your domain with Postmark and Amazon’s SES, S3, and Lambda services

A long, long, long time ago, sending email via your website was really horrible. Alongside the static HTML powering your Guestbook, you had some copy/pasted CGI script your ISP somehow allowed you to use that probably didn’t work, but oh crap it started working I hope it doesn’t break now. A long, long time ago, […]

Amazon’s petition for exemption to fly drones commercially

Amazon filed a petition for exemption with the FAA last week so that they could fly prototype drones outdoors as part of research and development for their future Prime Air offering. It’s a quick read, with a couple fun points: Because Amazon is a commercial enterprise we have been limited to conducting R&D flights indoors or in other […]

More Gordon Ramsey Cookware, This Time a Review

The other day when I posted a link to Gordon Ramsey’s cookware after the whole Hell’s Kitchen/Google Trends incident, I failed to actually read any of the reviews that were located under said cookware. This one in particular means that you have to buy it: Title: I am become Donkey, Destroyer of filets Author: sumguy […]

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