Jeremy Felt


It occurred to me that I should maintain a list of my current (more-so past) projects so I don’t lose track of anything. 😉

Varying Vagrant Vagrants

WordPress Plugins


  • [retired 06/13]
  • Full writeup – This Is Defollower
  • Under the guise that Twitter is an active community of communicators, Defollower shows you which of the those you follow have not said anything in 30 days. This theoretically should allow recommendation engines to make better recommendations because there are fewer false follows. Ahh, theoretics.
  • Was never updated for the 1.1 Twitter API, so probably doesn’t work at all. 🙂


  • [retired 05/2013]
  • A Twitter client experimenting with automatic embedding of media and automatic URL and title resolution. Because everybody should have their own Twitter client one day.

Feed River Wire

  • [URL just redirects to the GitHub link]
  • – MIT License, go get it!
  • An experiment in news flow. As packaged, a river is created with streams of news from The Guardian UK, The New York Times, and Hacker News. The river updates every 3 seconds to show you new articles that scripts pull down from various locations in the background.


  • [retired 06/2013]
  • Somewhat available, but mostly incomplete image sharing site. I was tired of using TwitPic and other sites to share images, so I decided to make my own. YMFTI stands for You May Find This Interesting.
  • Finished as powered by WordPress rather than the junky custom solution I had in the background.


  • In 2006, I left a Moleskine notebook in a hostel in Killarney and asked the world to fill it up. In 2009, I retrieved the notebook and created a website from its contents.

Is Portland Rainy

  • [retired 11/2012]
  • For those wondering if Portland really is rainy. This read the local USGS rainfall data every hour and did what it could to determine if the current day was rainy.

My Status Cloud

  • My Status Cloud
  • Inactive, see project page for write ups.
  • One of the first tools that made use of the RSS Cloud element during the great RSS Cloud vs Pubhubsubbub battle of 2009. Actually had a few users too. Before I killed it, it was supporting both RSS Cloud and Pubhubsubbub in a wonderful show of community. 😉
  • So many writeups. I’ll try to make this cleaner later.