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Wired on Drone Geo-Fencing

“This is NOT something users want,” another critic added. “I have a good relationship with my local airports and have worked with every local tower or control center. I get clearance to fly and they have been great, but this ‘update’ takes away my control. ”Ryan Calo, a University of Washingtonlaw professor who studies robots … Continue reading Wired on Drone Geo-Fencing

Science for the People!

Partly inspired by the experience, BSSRS staff member David Dickson later wrote in New Scientist magazine calling for “Community Science Resource Councils”. The idea, which sadly never took off, was a sort of scientific equivalent of legal aid. It would have provided scientific knowledge and technical expertise to minority and under-represented groups, and also allowed them … Continue reading Science for the People!

Why the modern world is bad for your brain | Science | The Guardian

research found that being in a situation where you are trying to concentrate on a task, and an email is sitting unread in your inbox, can reduce your effective IQ by 10 points. And. Wilson showed that the cognitive losses from multitasking are even greater than the cognitive losses from pot‑smoking. via Why the modern … Continue reading Why the modern world is bad for your brain | Science | The Guardian


On reactions, from Twin Peaks, which I’ll write about more when we’re done. This from S02E10. – Oh, as usual you’re overreacting. – Am I? Maybe I am, but they’re my reactions. And the hurt I feel is my hurt, and how I react is none of your damn business. – Dear, be sensible. – I’m … Continue reading Reactions