I broke a 108 game Wordle streak today, my first ended January 12.

My guess distribution for the 78 games (1 loss) on this phone: 0, 3, 23, 32, 17, and 2 for an average of 3.89.

My guess distribution for the 74 games (1 loss) on the last phone: 0, 5, 17, 29, 16, and 6 for an average of 4.01.

So I’m getting better?

(I think I’m missing about a week of stats from when I played it via a Twitter mobile app browser session. My “official” Wordle start date seems to be November 24, 2021.)

A simple orange hard cover book with a black drawing of a dragon and the book's title: Custard the dragon.

A book about a dragon by Ogden Nash! Proof (alongside books like Gruffalo) that rhymes for children can be clever and fun. Great pacing!

We picked this copy up at the little lending library across the street. It’s illustrated by Nash’s daughter, Linell, and was published in 1959.