Every time an Alaska flight from Seattle flies overhead into Pullman, I get β€œOmicron is coming to town” in my head for a few minutes πŸŽ…πŸ»
Obsidian with Obsidian sync for a shared MacOS/Android writing/notes tool is pretty nice. A+, sorry Ulysses.

Bookmarked https://kylemcdonald.github.io/ethereum-emissions/.

β€œA large centralized service like Facebook runs on a third of the energy. Overall, Ethereum represents around 0.1% of global electricity. In terms of emissions, a typical coal power plant emits around 8.2ktCO2/day. So Ethereum is comparable to keeping 2-3 coal power plant running.”
Backwordle: given the correct answer, figure out someone else’s guess pattern.


Wordle 190 4/6