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In reply to: my EveryAction spam mail thread

…or not.

It’s pretty great that it’s Gavin Newsom, governor of a state with one of the more advanced data privacy laws, that is somehow still able to send me email using ActionKit, an ngpvan product.

Also great: both the privacy and contact links on the unsubscribe page linked to by the email point to 🙃

Also great: the privacy policy at ActionKit point to TRUSTe as a watchdog through which you can make a complaint. But! The ActionKit, EveryAction, and ngpvan companies do not appear in the list at TRUSTe!

Money in politics is such a sham.

Anyhow. I’ve added my email to the block list again. Fingers crossed it was only Gavin.


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It took a few months, but it’s not just Gavin. This is no surprise, obviously.

Katie Porter, a congressperson from California, is proud to announce to me, a resident of Washington that she doesn’t “do Congress” the way others do: by sending me an unsolicited email.

This email was sent via ActionKit, through I believe it should be covered by the EveryAction block list, but I also think that game is rigged anyway.

If I were a resident of California, I would be able to invoke my rights under CCPA, but I’m not, so I’ll send her office an email, hit unsubscribe and cross my fingers.

I do pay income tax in California, shouldn’t that count for something? 🤔


Friday, Jan 27 at 08:51

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