What do you think about the idea of an Ostrom reading group?

Good insights — I feel like “conflict resolution” might begin with being able to communicate broadly and responsibly what the conflicts are, what significance they have, what the stakes and stakeholders are, etc. Otherwise, people genuinely don’t know and just pick up the sense that “the parents are fighting.”

Brian Krogsgard used that analogy a long time ago, and the paternalism in it is awkward but real. It stuck with me. A low-information environment infantilizes those without access to a good grasp of the environment and the major forces or interests acting on or within it.

All conflicts tend to float around as undifferentiated public fodder in communities or groups where there isn’t a standard process for handling them, and that tends to intensify the negative, immature, or “hot” aspects of conflict, which is not a bad thing by itself. Conflicts are unavoidable and essential to group health and creativity.