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I have my notes (powered by Shortnotes) syndicating to my account on the Indieweb.Social Mastodon instance.

I like posting on my website first—it’s fun and the flippancy feels even more so. I enjoy being able to easily reference thoughts via links so that I can hop around my site at will. It’s all so much more pleasant than Twitter.

My site supports Webmentions (powered by Webmention) so that others can engage with my website via their own. I’ve decided to syndicate to Mastodon because it’s still fun to have another place to follow people who don’t yet have their websites setup to do the same.

I’ll probably still load Twitter in my browser once or twice a day, but it’s just less and less appealing.

If you’d like to join Indieweb.Social, you can use this link as an invite (it will auto-follow me):

Alternatively, you can join any Mastodon instance and we can still communicate. Add me at

And of course, RSS is always there and feeds are much kinder than Twitter. 🍻


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Jeremy's profile photo: a selfie taken while walking through Berlin.

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