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First listen of Björk’s new album, fossora. 💯


Git bisect except daily database backups for a 3 month period.


And always remember, friends, there’s no room in vulgarity for bluegrass

Steve Earle, Until the Day I Die


In reply to: Testing and Feedback for using block based template parts in classic themes

This is now easily the best way to manage 404 page content in any theme. 🙌🏻

(I think having editable templates like this is a bigger value add than FSE as a whole)


“Well if you think you’re funny, that’s all that matters”



🍻 Had a great time at our first beer festival in 3 years! I had a Pfriem passion fruit farmhouse ale, the Jester King Pattinson Porter, and the Micropolis Brett IPA. Tasty stuff.


In reply to: Some WordPress Core Contributor stats

Good stuff!

FWIW, I think the list on release posts is the same as that returned by the credits API. It may be a more consumable/reliable source to refresh over time.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Jean-Baptiste Audras has been compiling various stats for releases. That data could help track employer changes, at least since 5.4.

Actually seeing a list of code changes per employer would probably require re-scanning commit messages in core and pull requests in Gutenberg to match names and rebuild the log as employer focused.

And along the same lines, but way wackier: use git/svn blame data to see what percentage of core was last touched by employer. 🙃


Wordle 462 2/6*



You used to call me on your rotary


What a mess.


In reply to: Songs I have sung to my baby at changing time

Carry on my naked son

Cleaning up your baby bum

Lay your weary head to rest

Don’t you cry no more

A++ Definitely using this one. 🤣🤣🤣


I’m pretty sure I’m incompatible with Google Fi’s Wi-Fi calling.


In reply to: Simon Willison’s tweet

Definitely Visidata.


In reply to: this note

I think it worked! I don’t remember the last time I saw a campaign email hit my inbox.


A screenshot of a CAPTCHA with a heading for "Security Check". The CAPTCHA box says "Select the Pants" and shows icons representing a lock, a pair of pants, a tree, an umbrella, and a car. Next to the icons is an option to refresh and an option to describe the icons.

I was shown this CAPTCHA when registering for an account on and it made me laugh.


The last night of Better Call Saul! It’s been a long time since I had so much anticipation for a series finale. And one we had to wait for rather than binge!


In reply to: IndieWebCamp Popup: Displaying Responses

I really wish I had made time for this popup tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to reading any recaps.


Instagram is now all about video, video, and video. And that isn’t going to change. Mosseri is saying that you might love photos, but Instagrammers, you can go pound sand. You and your photos are going to live with little or no attention. And while you are processing that bad news, let me tell you (on behalf of my boss) — your friends, social relationships, and your communities are dead – now you exist solely in the obeisance of the algorithms.

Om Malik, Why Kylie is mad at Instagram?

It’s nice to no longer care. It’s still interesting to read the commentary.


A European mantis paused mid-scurry across a running track to stare at the people staring at it. The mantis seems young because it is small and almost translucent.

This European mantis, a.k.a. praying mantis, was running across the middle school track this evening looking like a piece of grass or straw. I have no idea how Michelle spotted it!

I’ve now learned European mantises are considered introduced to North America and that even though they may not be native, Connecticut has declared them the state insect.


This database is taking so long to drop and it may have been quicker to just wipe the machine and reinstall everything.


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