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Register a block for a post type

I have a post type that requires a custom block. The post type supports all other blocks, but the block supports only this post type.

Some block.json minutia

I spent some time today updating an older block plugin to use block.json and used that opportunity to take a closer look at what block.json provides and how it enqueues scripts and styles. I have a better grasp of what to expect as a result.

How to efficiently track down a bug in Gutenberg (or other large JavaScript project)?

Okay. This is probably a jumble. It’s also a question disguised as an explanation of my experience. It’s possible working through this all has answered my question, but…

Writing with WordPress (5.0 through 5.8)

WordPress has shifted its focus from powering blogs to empowering people to build sites. I think this is okay all in all, but—for me—the "typing a bunch of words” experience has taken a few steps back and I’ve had to shift workflows.

My first theme.json

I am not a "themer", but I do manage my own theme for this site and I do work quite a bit on custom themes for a variety of clients. I spend a lot of time caring about markup used to organize content in an accessible and performant way. And I try to build pleasant editorial experiences for people who create and use their content every day.

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