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2006 BlogBoringFailure Award – Ramblewords

Is this not the most boring blog in the world?

I’m bored enough to delete it me thinks.


Time for a fresh idea.

Something better than the United Fascist Union Idea.

That idea sucked.

Read up while you can, the Ramble as you know it is about to be smoked.

As in tonight. See you soon.

United Fascist Union Party Revisited And Renewed

Jack Grimes 2008

You guys may not remember, but almost 2 years ago we talked a lot about the United Fascist Union party. See these posts for the wonderful history:

United Fascist Union Party
Cofee, Cigarettes, and Supreme Fascist Dictators
Follow Ups And Observations

Jack Grimes gave us much wonderful material (with plenty left untapped), including gems such as this one:

“It is a little known fact that cigarettes and tobacco have nothing to do with cancer. What really causes cancer is a lack of oxygen. So if stopping cancer is your thing, go plant a tree. Trees disperse oxygen. Better yet, plant a tobacco plant which gives off oxygen too. Then you can fight cancer while you enjoy your new hobby, smoking cigarettes you grew yourself with your own tobacco plants””

Yes, you read that correctly, now read it again.

Done laughing yet?

Anyhow, his name has crossed the back of my mind several times recently and I’ve been wondering… what ever happened to Jack Grimes? His old page hasn’t been updated in a long time and it’s hard to determine wether or not he still exists.

Today I decided to track him down. Sure enough, he’s still around. This time he has a wonderfully redesigned tripod site that indicates he will in fact be running for president in 2008. Ye-Ah!

After painfully browsing through his new site, I determined that although he is a certifiable nutcase, he deserves a much more accessible podium to speak from. While the nation should not vote for him, the nation should at the very least know who he is.

Where am I going with this? I am going to mail Mr. Grimes a letter offering him a better opportunity to speak his mind. Hosting is cheap, domain names are cheap, he shouldn’t be pushing himself down by hosting his site on tripod. I will offer the following:

  • To host the official United Fascist Union Party website through the 2008 elections at Ramblewords.
  • To design a completely new format for Mr. Grimes in order to make his information more accessible to the world.
  • If he would like to register a proper domain name for his party, I will provide the hosting for this domain.

The only thing I will ask for in return is an honorary membership (without the monthly dues) to the United Fascist Union Party. This does not mean that I will vote for said party, just that I want to see what they send their new members.

Crazy? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. Good Material? We shall see. Got More Questions? No.

Give me a little bit of time to write up a proper* letter and I’ll post that when I send it. If you have suggestions or would also like to help, let me know.

*note how I used proper twice in this post… joy.

Jeremy’s Honey Mustard Chicken

Note: This was originally posted April 24th, 2005, but was lost in the great ramble disaster of 2006. It is now being revived.

Mmmm” honey mustard.

For some reason I got the urge to make this last night because I had never made my own honey mustard sauce, so I tossed version 1.0 together to see how it went. Definitely worth it.

The key seems to be in the mustard. The Jack Daniels mustards kick ass, very highly recommended. I went with the Stone Ground Dijon this time.

The honey should have been better than the generic crap that I was able to find, but we already finished the massive amount that my beekeeper neighbors gave us, so generic it was.

Anyway. Pour a massive amount of honey and a massive amount of mustard (about equal) into a bowl. Toss in sprinkles, pinches, and shakes of salt, basil, paprika, cinnamon, dill, and garlic salt. Stir, taste, stir, taste, add some of what you”re missing, stir, and taste.

Place chicken in bowl to soak in the beautiful goodness for about 15 minutes. While waiting, open up a Leinenkugel Honey Weiss and start chopping up garlic cloves and shallots. When done, get cooking.

Pour a generous amount of olive oil in a heavy skillet and turn the heat up high. Throw in the shallots and garlic and saute them. When ready, take a couple chicken breasts and place in the middle of the now wonderful smelling pan. Turn the heat down to medium and cook for a couple minutes. Flip the chicken over and cook the other side for a couple more. Then, turn the heat down low, low, low, and let each side sit for at least 5 more minutes a piece.

While that”s going on, make some salad or anything else you might want to mix up with it. Then, remove the chicken from the pan (don”t forget the wonderful pieces of garlic and onion), and place it on your plate. Add some salad, maybe a little extra honey mustard sauce and voila, you now have juicy, wonderful, and brilliant honey mustard chicken:

Red Paperclip Success

If you haven’t heard of it before, this guy set off on a mission last year to trade a red paperclip for a house. I never thought he’d be able to do it this quick, but he worked at it enough and finally got his house- which he will be painting red.

Please note: I have a penny that I am willing to traid for a condo if anyone is interested.