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News Consumption Goes Direct

It is so hard to go back 20 years [1] and imagine a world in which sources go direct the way they do now. But that’s exactly what has happened. I have no television. No standard network or fancy cable news, only internet. Yet somehow, without even trying, a graphic video showing a bloody and […]

The First Blogger President

The internet has long been trying to figure out exactly what a blogger is, if it is appropriate to consider a blogger a journalist or vice versa. Even a couple weeks ago, in her critique of Roger Ebert’s new memoir on the New York Times Book Review Podcast, Maureen Dowd had a noticeable sort of […]

Enjoy every sandwich.

Ok, so hopefully you all are familiar with Warren Zevon, if not, then just remember that he’s the guy who wrote “Werewolves of London” among many other great songs… Short version of the long story, great songwriter diagnosed with lung cancer, decided not to do anything about it and then wrote an album about his […]

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