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This is a placeholder for now because the Google machine won’t forget old pages and I’m trying to fix it. Ha Ha Have fun. Bye.

Red Paperclip Success

If you haven’t heard of it before, this guy set off on a mission last year to trade a red paperclip for a house. I never thought he’d be able to do it this quick, but he worked at it enough and finally got his house- which he will be painting red. Please note: I […]

The Birthday That is Now, America’s Birthday It Is

230 years later and we’re dealing with this guy. How perfect is that. Now, I promised myself that I wouldn’t make this into a big political thing, so I won’t say anything more. We will let quotes and links to Wikipedia articles do the talking for me. It’s actually been a pretty decent history lesson […]

The Birthday That is Now, Our Birthday It Is

Happy Birthday to RambleHappy Birthday to WordsHappy Birthday to RambleHappy Birthday Ramblewords….. Yay!!!! We’re definitely 2 years brilliant right now. And to commemorate this wonderfulness by spelling commemorate correctly on the first try, I’d like to direct you to our brand spanking new about page. Oh yeah, and there’s a birthday message from somebody else […]

Drawings By Mail From Mike Godwin

According to Mike Goodwin’s website, you can fill out a request for a drawing to be made and he will send it to you. It doesn’t say if he will be the one drawing it, or if there is some secret fee that he’ll contact you with later (I doubt it), but it only has […]

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