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2006 BlogBoringFailure Award – Ramblewords

Is this not the most boring blog in the world? I’m bored enough to delete it me thinks. Hmmmm. Time for a fresh idea. Something better than the United Fascist Union Idea. That idea sucked. Read up while you can, the Ramble as you know it is about to be smoked. As in tonight. See […]

Pirates of the Carribean 2 – Single Day Box Office Record

“Pirates” cleans up with about $55 million on the first day.


We seem to get a lot of requests for the politics category that are misdirected to the wrong URL. The new category URL is A lot of the posts were lost in the great Ramble Disaster of 2006, but things are added back now and then depending on request frequency. Enjoy.

Tour De France Blogs

The Tour De France Blog I’ll add more later, don’t worry.

Jeremy’s Honey Mustard Chicken

Note: This was originally posted April 24th, 2005, but was lost in the great ramble disaster of 2006. It is now being revived.

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