Kamiak Butte Pine Ridge Trail

We had a great time hiking the short, but uphill 3.5 mile pine ridge trail at Kamiak Butte today. 75 floors logged on the Fitbit by the time we left, which we upped to 100 after a walk to the store later. It’s great to have something like this just under 15 miles away. If the views are this amazing after the wheat has been harvested, I can’t wait until next year when everything starts turning green. Definitely a vista that will change almost every time you visit.

Cascade Locks

Watching The Bears vs Jacksonville at Northwest Public House

Had a great time watching the Bears game at Northwest Public House today. A bunch of fresh and hoppy beer thanks to harvest season and some good fun watching Green Bay lose and the Bears win. I also learned that I need to practice my iPhone panorama skills.

Great memories of past defensive scores against Jacksonville arose… 🙂

Perseid Meteor Shower At Cannon Beach

Last night we drove out on a whim to Cannon Beach to catch the Perseid meteor shower. It was a gamble to rely on an often cloudy coast to provide a clear view, but it paid off.

We spent 45 minutes laid out on the sand in our own dark pocket amongst the scattered fires on the beach. A very dark and eerie Haystack Rock towered above the night water. Its birds screamed in unison every so often.

The sky above was clear, and the surrounding clouds formed almost a circle as to help focus our viewing. The meteors were fantastic! I can’t remember a time when I saw brighter or longer tails streaking through the night.

The wheels have already started turning to find a dark and quiet place for next year.