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Highdive, 1999

Well this is a blast from the past.

Here I am writing about Weezer

Rediscovering the Cranberries

Delores O’Riordan with a microphone, pointing up, during a The Cranberries performance in Barcelona.

I rediscovered the Cranberries 6 years ago. They had been a presence in high school—Zombie was a constant on the airwaves—but other than liking the song like other grunge songs, I don't remember having a full appreciation for the band.

David Bowie

I have so many good memories around David Bowie. My second band, Cycle Pinsetter, was obsessed. We ate up everything Bowie. Covering at least Ziggy Stardust, Rebel Rebel, Andy Warhol, and Queen Bitch—and playing them over and over and over again. The recordings that I have will always be fun to revisit. The music. He was […]

Lou Reed on Yeezus

Lou Reed on Yeezus is perfect and a must read if you’re trying to process the new Kanye album. One of the best record reviews I’ve ever read. See also: Lester Bangs on Astral Weeks.

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