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so I’ve been playing pool regularly since about January or February and have been playing with house cues the whole time. I’m finally taking the step and dishing out some dollars to have a nice one of my own… it’s not the most amazing thing in the world, but it is a Joss, so it… Continue reading awesome awesome awesome


Hmmmm, audioblogger kicks major ass. Don’t pay much attention to the audio below, it was mostly just a test to see how cool it was. Very freakin cool. AudioBlogger link dead Now it’s just time to find some reasonable use for it…. wait, screw reasonable, it’s fun.

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poetry, lyrics, ramblings, ravings, rantings, observations, recipes, stories, experiences, etc…. if it can be put into text form, it will show up here. don’t expect much from this post, it’s probably going to be deleted once something real is up.