Songs of Innocence

I took a break from Twitter a couple weeks ago to figure out how to blog, so here’s me posting something other than a picture of beer.

A screenshot of iTunes showing a warning dialog.

Just about 7 years ago, the U2 album Songs of Innocence was announced at an Apple event and immediately forced upon distributed to all iTunes customers.

It’s never really bugged me because I haven’t used iTunes to listen to music in many, many years.

But, now! Almost every time I put my pixel buds in or take them out, I accidentally tap the right bud in a way that’s supposed to start playing something. When I don’t have Spotify open already, OSX sees this signal and launches iTunes. I get a warning message and a reminder that Songs of Innocence will always be available to me. 🙂

This site/thread by Robin Sloan is a treasure

I really enjoyed this thread by Robin on Rosegarden. Enough that I’ve been remembering it and thinking about it for 3 days now.

Among several gems—and general creativity of presentation, there’s this:

What we hear from companies like T—— and F——- and Y—— is that monitoring communication at this scale, preventing that harm, is an unprecedented technical challenge.

That’s correct. However… no one asked for communication at this scale!

Robin Sloan –

I also appreciate the idea that “no reasonable human needs more than 10,000 other humans to read their words within twenty minutes of writing them.”

Of course, I did learn about this from a tweet sent out to 43,000 people. 🙂