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Four Short Things – July 22, 2019

All of these were collected and just about ready to go in February. And then I got busy? I don't know.

Four short things – January 25, 2019

The last time I started writing this post it turned into a whole post of its own. Luckily I have more things!

Four short things – January 18, 2019

Aaron has a better name for it, so I'm stealing that and replacing the poorly named "Scratch pad thoughts". This will help enforce short posts!

Scratch pad thoughts for January 12, 2019

Costa first novel award winner recalls 'awful' time writing his book:

Scratch pad thoughts

I'm still trying to figure out a format for "tweet"-like things without titles that I want to publish, but not on Twitter. For now, I've kept a draft post going called "Scratch pad" that I decided to use as a base for the week (or whatever).

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