Root soup

In preparation for the root soup I've been planning to make for the last week, I looked up the notes I wrote to myself on January 3, 2016 in Simplenote while making my first version of it. After re-reading, I decided it should be a blog post instead. Apparently I even took a picture beforehand!… Continue reading Root soup

My moka pot recipe

I’ll use the moka pot several times and then go months before doing it again. Now that we’re in a house with a gas stove, the success rate on a repeatable recipe has gone up, but I’m sure I’ll pause again soon and go back to another method. So that I don’t forget it in… Continue reading My moka pot recipe

Sustainable beer purchasing

Pullman Disposal, which manages our local waste pick-up, recently announced that glass is no longer accepted as part of its single-stream recycling. This is disappointing as a resident, but after poking around a bit, not surprising. Pullman sells and sends a large amount of sorted recyclable material to China. China, as part of a new… Continue reading Sustainable beer purchasing

Bubble and Squeak

This may be the most perfect bubble and squeak I've ever had, and it was made by my AMERICAN (!) wife @sunnyozell — Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) December 17, 2014 Yesterday I learned about bubble and squeak and I love the name enough that I’ll soon make a version. I of course followed through to… Continue reading Bubble and Squeak

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