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Inspired Wage Logic

You may like reading the article at this website: “What if we doubled the minimum wage?” Total pure explicit logic………  how can you argue?  This isn’t even one of those concepts that requires the government to step in and regulate.  All this requires is a couple creative thinkers at the top of Walmart or some […]

Rant: Our Relationship With Automobiles

I was going to discuss our complete inability to control the modern automobile sufficiently, but it expanded on it’s own. Now you get a few things for the price of one…. Cars. You would think that we could have figured them out by now. It’s been 90 years since the first assembly line in Michigan […]

It's alive and explicit….

Thanks to, explicitlogic is back up and has a much much
better and easier format for me to deal with. PHP nuke rocked, but I
never had time to fully deal with it. Now I can e-mail postings in
and it's done. So, stop by frequently, leave feedback, tell your
friends, etc…

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