Preemptive Nation (Part 2)

The United States has never been one of those “attack first, ask questions later” kind of countries. Somehow the events from 3 years ago have caused us more fear than we can remember. So much in fact, that we have been willing to throw away 227 years of growth just so that we could get… Continue reading Preemptive Nation (Part 2)

Preemptive Nation (Part 1)

I sold a gun last month. It wasn’t really necessary, but this guy’s neighbor had just put up “Alan Keyes” posters in his front lawn and was refusing to take them down. He came to me for advise, because as we all know, Alan Keyes should not be helping to run this country. So I… Continue reading Preemptive Nation (Part 1)

Inspired Wage Logic

You may like reading the article at this website: “What if we doubled the minimum wage?” Total pure explicit logic………  how can you argue?  This isn’t even one of those concepts that requires the government to step in and regulate.  All this requires is a couple creative thinkers at the top of Walmart or some… Continue reading Inspired Wage Logic