On Banks

Bank. a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities I’m excited to see that somebody with the developer chops of Alex Payne has hooked up with a startup that promises a more simple bank. It’s amusing to me that for all the annoyances I’ve had with banks over the years,… Continue reading On Banks

The (De) Construction Of Twitter

$new_standard = strtolower(“Twitter”); In the last couple of weeks, both Wordpress and Tumblr have announced support for the Twitter API. The immediate benefits are that any forward thinking Twitter client can now also be a Wordpress or Tumblr client as well. Tweetie, one of the most popular iPhone clients, has had support for this for… Continue reading The (De) Construction Of Twitter

Google’s DNS

Google launched a public DNS option today as part of their “effort to make the web faster”. It comes complete with a concise write up and extremely easy to remember IPs ( and I’ve switched my connection from OpenDNS to Google for now. While all of the benchmarks that I’ve done on my end… Continue reading Google’s DNS

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My First Stab At A Trending Topics App – Toppics

The other night I pushed out Toppics, my first little app that plays with Twitter’s Trending Topics. At the moment it grabs the current trending topics from Twitter every several minutes while searching every few minutes for new tweets that mention twitpic.com as well as the topic. Toppics, get it. 🙂 Version 0.0 is very… Continue reading My First Stab At A Trending Topics App – Toppics