I Remember

I struggle when I reflect on September 11th. In many ways I’ve moved on, taking with me everything that I have learned. A lot about the world. A lot about myself. I struggle when I reflect because I often feel like I don’t need to. I tell myself that I’ve remembered enough. Somewhere in my … Continue reading I Remember

A Feed River Wire

A few days ago, Dave Winer published a firehose for feeds that is currently hooked into a near real time feed of stories from the NY Times. In attempting to figure out what to do with a service like this, I find pushing out a first draft always seems to help. And since the explanation … Continue reading A Feed River Wire

On Banks

Bank. a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities I’m excited to see that somebody with the developer chops of Alex Payne has hooked up with a startup that promises a more simple bank. It’s amusing to me that for all the annoyances I’ve had with banks over the years, … Continue reading On Banks

Google’s DNS

Google launched a public DNS option today as part of their “effort to make the web faster”. It comes complete with a concise write up and extremely easy to remember IPs ( and I’ve switched my connection from OpenDNS to Google for now. While all of the benchmarks that I’ve done on my end … Continue reading Google’s DNS