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I Remember

I struggle when I reflect on September 11th. In many ways I’ve moved on, taking with me everything that I have learned. A lot about the world. A lot about myself. I struggle when I reflect because I often feel like I don’t need to. I tell myself that I’ve remembered enough. Somewhere in my […]

‘Twitter For Newsrooms’ – But Why?

Twitter launched a site today, titled “Twitter For Newsrooms”, in which they provide some information on which Twitter tools or clients are available for journalists to use as well as how to use them. Through the handful of pages, the assumption is made that a newsroom needs Twitter in order to find sources and readers. […]

“What I Read” 10 Years From Now

I’m a big fan of the Atlantic’s “What I Read” series that pops up every once and a while. I always learn something cool about popular pundits and writers, and I usually find something else to add to my own list. In 10 years, I do wonder if it will be a bit like a […]

Experimenting With Feedhose – Part II

My expirement with Dave Winer’s Feedhose protocol started off a week ago with a simple river that auto updated with the latest headlines from the NY Times. As I said at the time, I enjoy pushing out that first draft to help grasp what else I want to do with it. So far, it’s been […]

A Feed River Wire

A few days ago, Dave Winer published a firehose for feeds that is currently hooked into a near real time feed of stories from the NY Times. In attempting to figure out what to do with a service like this, I find pushing out a first draft always seems to help. And since the explanation […]

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