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This article from the Guardian is an interesting read. Combine that with another Guardian article here and a couple good points are made. If you’re too lazy to click through on those links, then here’s the goods. The Guardian is a (good) newspaper in Britain. They make a good point about the world community having some kind […]

ramblewords – welcome to the Triple M Ranch

method . mayhem . madness Why visit ramblewords over and over and over again? Good question. What exactly is the method………. behind the mayhem……….. behind the madness that is this blog? Well, to understand the concept fully, you first need to realize what content is already here. Check out the archives and read extensively though […]


This land was your land… Now it is OUR land… Happy Columbus Day to all…. In honor of our fearless pillaging discoverer, here’s a few articles/links from those who want to abolish this “wonderful” holiday we celebrate: The Great Columbus Day Farce Columbus Day is Nothing to Celebrate Petition to Abolish Columbus Day If you […]

Coors Sucks Anyway

So I was inspired (see the post below) to look further into the crappiness of Coors. I’ve had the displeasure of drinking a Silver Bullet here and there, and it kinda blows. But, at least it’s kosher certified. Here’s a speech delivered by Pete Coors called “Responsible Partners” in which he explains that .08 BAC […]

GoodBye Superman

Christopher Reeve is Dead at 52