Total Visual Assault

ha ha, yup…. is finally a go… Don’t mind the lack of organization right now, it’s seeking out a direction to go in… so for now, it’s a visual overload. It may even get overloaded more in the coming day or so… but then it’ll settle back down into a groove of visual happiness….… Continue reading Total Visual Assault

you won’t be afraid of fear

Is it wrong to listen to Nirvana’s best of album 20 times in 3 days? Just because you want to? I have all the songs in my head at once now, there’s some super-nirvana going on up there….. nevermind.

rock and roll muse-ack

So I got this album a few months ago, and didn’t take it out of my cd player for the first week. I constantly played it over and over again because it was so refreshing. I put it away for a couple months and pulled it back out last week. Once again, it’s been in… Continue reading rock and roll muse-ack