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Goodbye Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney left us for good today at the ripe old age of 82…. “I can’t get no respect.”

Cheney is my Hero

AND NOW!!! Total WORLD Domination… buaahahahahahaha….

No CARB Diet

and I was done for the night… Until I found the No Carb diet that I like the best: Click on the picture if you have a sudden urge to buy a t-shirt wih that picture on it… I did, but I’m broke. [link via J-Walk]

What would I do without the internet????

Billy Bob Thorton says that Shakespeare is Bullshit. Elton John thinks that Madonna should be shot. The ‘Psycho‘ shower girl, Janet Leigh, died at 77. SpaceShipOne got the X-prize by flying into “space” for the second time in two weeks. Bush is still our president for a little while (DAMMITdammitDAMMIT), but we haven’t invaded Iran […]

i lOVE youUUU moREE

wow. That’s about the only thing that can describe this blog: i lOVE youUUU moREE No offense to the two bloggers there, but they kinda freaked me out…. Which meant I had to actually read a couple posts…. Which kinda freaked me out more. That’s what random blog browsing will get you.